Ecompayment is your single point of contact for credit cards solutions
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Who we are
Our management team has over 10 years of experience in the online credit card processing industry. We are passionate about providing and arranging you with the best solutions, fully customized to your specific business needs, despite your regional limitations, your industry and other compliance issues.
A relationship with Ecompayment not only improves your satisfaction and ease of transaction processing today, but it will also ensure a superior value proposition for the future.
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What we do
Ecompayment offers customised solutions with strong corporate governance and independently-audited PCI DSS compliance, which allows us to meet the interests and security needs of all key stakeholders: acquiring banks, resellers, merchants, card issuers, customers and payment networks.
Ecompayment has partnered with financial institutions that understand the unique and specialized requirements of high risk business. Our solutions provide cost effective and seamless methods of payments through our reliable platform; enabling international payments to be processed easily and quickly.
Corporate office
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Our corporate office is located in Panama City, Panama
All transactions are processed through our private and secure transaction-processing engine located in the company's exclusively controlled and managed data center.
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Our Payment Platform
Investing in technology is key to payment innovation. At Ecompayment, our overarching strategy is to build our payments solutions with the most advanced and secure technology.
Our secure platform is built with the ability to scale. As we serve more partners and merchants, our platform accommodates additional payment volume without any interruption. We have invested significantly in our platform to ensure it can grow as we grow and as our merchants and partners grow. In addition, we have built it with security in mind. All of our products and solutions include the latest security methods giving our customers peace of mind when it comes to cardholder data.