Our simple payment gateway API gives the merchant access to a PCI DSS certified gateway. The services and features are well defined and documented, and the merchant payment solutions each support different user guides, which are easy to navigate through.
Direct Integration With direct integration, your website (complete with secure certificate) captures the user's personal and credit card details and then forwards these behind the scenes to the secure gateway. Ecompayment then performs any necessary fraud and security checks, clears the payment with the acquiring bank, and sends a response back to your website.
Direct merchant integration
Direct integration
Hosted Form With the hosted form method, your user is passed to the Ecompayment hosted form where they then enter their card details and receive a response for the transaction, before being re-directed back to your website. Our standard hosted form carries minimal branding so as not to detract from your own branding, but if you prefer, it can be customized with a branded header and footer for your company.
Hosted Form merchant integration
Hosted Form
Virtual Terminal Ecompayment offers a browser-based interface Virtual Terminal allows the merchants to manually process credit card payments. With your Virtual Terminal, you can accept payments from any computer. It is the perfect alternative to a traditional terminal if you receive MOTO orders, and in particular is an ideal payment processing solution for call centres where this method of ordering is popular.
Virtual Payment terminal
Virtual Terminal
Download our API
APIDateDownload Link
Direct API11/25/2017Direct API V 2.017
Hosted API11/25/2017Hosted API V 2.017
TM Filter Manual09/25/2017Ecompayment Filter Manual
Virtual Terminal Manual09/25/2017VT Payment Manual