Fraud protection is a major priority when accepting payments. Limit your exposure to chargebacks and fraudulent transactions with Ecompayment’s superior online payment security.
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Security tools that help you as merchants, to gauge the authenticity of the user, by matching the information entered with what is present in the database of the customer, bank, or industry. Transactions that fail these tests can be flagged or blocked, based on the pre-defined payment gateway settings.
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Blacklists or fraud prevention blacklists contains all order details like credit card information, customer names, email addresses, physical addresses, and at times even countries that companies have identified as fraudulent or risky.
Transaction Management Filters (TMF) are the proprietary online service that combines our filter technology with other in-house developed order variable checks.
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Filter Check
Filters check for payment characteristics that merchant set as blocked and stop transaction before it goes to an acquiring bank to reduce charge backs.
Filters provide the tightest possible control over payments.
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Filter Types
  • BIN check
  • Cardholder name
  • Issuing Country
  • Card number
  • Velocity check
  • IP Address