Fraud protection is a major priority when accepting payments. Limit your exposure to chargebacks and fraudulent transactions with Ecompayment’s superior online payment security.
Transaction Management Filters (TMF) are the proprietary online service that combines our filter technology with other in-house developed order variable checks.
Fraud protection Filters
Filters Settings
Fraud protection Filters
Filters check for payment characteristics that merchant set as blocked and stop transaction before it goes to an acquiring bank to reduce charge backs. Filters provide the tightest possible control over payments.
Card Filter
block individual Card Number
This Filter can block individual Card Number, and the transaction will be denied if it contains that particular blocked Credit Card number.
Bin Block Filter
block BINs
The Bin Filter allows a merchant to block single or multiple particular BINs, during a transaction.
Country Block Filter
block an Issuing Country
This Filter can block an Issuing Country, by checking BIN / IIN against the Issuing Country Database.
Merchant can set what particular information he wants to block. Filter rules can be set from Merchant portal site and became active immediately.
Name Block Filter
Name Block Filter
This Filter can block individual by Name. The Merchant can enter single or multiple Cardholders' Names and any transaction will be denied if it contains that particular Name.
IP Block Filter
IP Block Filter
Ecompayment allows you to put single or multiple IP Addresses or IP Range into the IP Block Filter, so that you decline transactions coming from those IPs.
Velocity Filter
Velocity Filter
Velocity Filter allows Merchant to block particular transaction, which occurs before certain amount of time passed from previous transaction.
Merchant can create and setup rules on demand to deny payments that are likely to result in fraudulent transactions. Ecompayment offers an ability to block transactions before they reach an acquiring bank.
Amount Limit. Floor Limit
Amount Limit
Floor limit is the amount above which credit card transactions must be authorized before being processed.